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The Facts: Description

The Facts, a modern music/art video series, is an on air, public search for knowledge.  The artwork uses composed and improvised art music and stories and episodes of discussion framed by video art. The Facts is a large artwork in terms of time it takes to make, number of parts and creative partners, e.g. artists, craftspeople and scholars, as well as the range of ideas. The series explores the development of this artwork including the cross pollination of perspectives, resources, and objectives and, tangentially, the development of an arts company (e.g. 1687’s Arts & Business Log).

The Facts uses a TV series format, e.g. character and story lines developing from episode to episode while individual episodes are complete stories comprehensible/enjoyable on their own. Episodes are archived on the web and can be presented/viewed as per the artist’ or audience’ desire.  For example a 4-episode mini-series Drugs & the War Against Them (2 music & 2 discussion episodes) can be both re-ordered and/or one or more episode can be connected to other episodes to add perspectives or change emphasis, for example coupled with 1. The Importance of Reality: drugs in relation to identity, and loneliness; 2. Static Memories: drugs in relation to neurotic patterns; and 3. The Achievement Gap: drugs in relation to ambition and the class system.

We hope the series audience will witness the added confidence gained from our increased understanding as well as the anxiety - sharpened focus, precision, and skills and the resorting of ideas with changing assumptions.