about the show

Making a case for reality – looking for comfort

THE FACTS is a video series written, produced, & directed by lenore von stein
Broadcast every Thursday at 8:30 in New York City on MNN (Time Warner) Channels 67/68, Verizon 36, and RCN 85
The Facts is also distributed on the web through blip.tv and appears on several sites in addition to this one

We use composed and improvised music and text and tell a new story in each half-hour episode that includes the viewpoint of the storyteller – for instance why a thought occurs and how one idea beomes another. We are examining the structure of reality. The music is composed of individual written and improvised pieces of music and text that often tumble over or interrupt one another.

The Facts has three types of episodes that are connected to one another but can also be enjoyed all on their own. These episode types are: music episodes, music rehearsal episodes and episodes of discussion with scholars and other interested parties about ideas, situations, and politics.

The stories (spoken dialogue) and improvised music are unique to each performance.
Composed pieces of music (with and without lyrics) may be re-used from episode to episode but for different purposes – for instance, reflecting different points of view.

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